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Hints & Tips

  • To get the best from burn times and benefit from fully burning Soy Wax candles / chunks, please read the following ‘hints’…

    Please make sure that you always place lit candles on a solid non-combustable surface away from breezes and never leave a lit candle unattended.

    Never leave a candle burning for more than 4 hours at a time.

    Always ‘trim’ the wick of candles to approx 6mm (1/4 Inch) before lighting. Almost all of our Dalkey Aromatics candle ranges contain ‘self-trimming’ wicks, but if you notice that the flame is unusually large, this may be as a result of the wick being too large and burn time for the candle will be reduced significantly.

    To get the best from all Dalkey Aromatics candles, you should leave the flame to melt the wax on the top surface almost to the edges of the container. In other words, if you light and quench the flame after 30 minutes or so, the top surface is unlikely to have had a chance to ‘pool’ to release the fragrance contained in the wax. All wax has a ‘memory’ so the next time the wick is lit, the wax will not melt further from the flame than the initial melt. This results in ‘tunneling’ of the wax with the flame just burning downwards and reduced burn times for the candle.*  The ideal initial burn time for our candles is probably 1.5 hours.