Travel Tins – 6 Fragrances

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Irish Gorse Bush

Evoke the serenity and beauty of Irish fields with vibrant yellow flowered bushes containing surprising warm coconut & sweet vanilla aromas.

Irish Wild Rose

Breathe in the clean, fresh smell of roses in the Irish countryside and transport yourself to a romantic new world.

Irish Hedgerow

The mixed floral fragrances and spicy aromas found while walking through country lanes on soft dew covered mornings.

Irish Ocean Breeze

The invigorating and cleansing scent of fresh salty sea air and wind-swept plants on rugged Irish beaches.

Irish Hill Heather

With toppings collected from the heather covered hills around us, this floral fragrance is infused with sweetness and spice.

Irish Field Lavender

Calming, cleansing, uplifting flowery lavender fragrance from the fields of Wicklow, known as the ‘Garden of Ireland’.

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