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Glass Tumbler Candles

Our signature Tumbler Glasses feature four of our most popular fragrances and contain a Wooden Wick for a soothing faint crackling sound when lit. Burn time up to 45 hours. These candles are all named after areas around Dalkey with a brief history on every box.

Hidden Gem Jewellery Candles

High quality natural wax candles in a choice of four amazing fragrances plus each contains a surprise piece of Silver Jewellery worth up to €200.00. A perfect gift as well as great excitement.

Irish Candle Tins

Our hugely popular Irish Candle Tins come in a choice of 10 unique fragrances that we have developed over the last eight years.  The story behind each aroma is written on the back of every candle. 'A small bit of Ireland in a tin'. Some candles are available in 2 sizes. Burn time up to 15 hours for small size and 30+ hours for large size. Small size tins are 65mm diameter and 65mm high. Cute, but they pack a punch of Irish Fragrance!

Jewellery Bath Salts

Our Hidden Gem Bath Salts Tins contain surprise Sterling Silver Jewellery inside a sealed container. Small iins have Earrings (Worth up to €35) and Large tins have Rings (Worth up to €75) ! These aromatherapy bath potions are made with a perfect blend of pure essential oils in sea salt. Add a small amount of potion to your bath or shower for an extraordinary aromatic cleansing experience. Plus, you'll also receive a surprise silver gift. Choose from three perfect potions and two sizes


Our unique range of candles, specially made for men. Available in six ‘Manly’ fragrances and equipped with a washer for opening! Slow-poured by hand and made in small batches in our own workshop. Burn time up to 30 hours.

Travel Tin Candles

This rose-gold tin candle is perfect for your home or travels. The eco-friendly candle will fill your room with a choice of four great fragrances from our prestige range. They feature a wooden wick to achieve a great even spread of flagrance and a soothing faint crackling sound when lit. Burn time is approximately 15 hours. These candles are named after areas around Dalkey.

Wax Melt Chunks

Our soya wax Melt Chunks can be used in oil burners / wax warmers or left in a container on top of your stove to gently fill the air with our blissful scents for a very long time. Choice of 12 fragrances